Quality of Wolf Blass Yellow & Gold Label Wines with Chris Hatcher, Chief Winemaker


Chris Hatcher, Chief Winemaker talks about the quality of Wolf Blass Yellow & Gold Label Wines.



 Yellow Label Cabernet Shiraz Malbec was first released with the 1966 vintage and was the first wine to carry the Wolf Blass name. Rumour has it that Wolf chose the label colour from the yellow and brown striped football jerseys worn by his favourite AFL footy team, Hawthorn. Over time this wine evolved into a single varietal Cabernet Sauvignon, the most successful wine in the Wolf Blass portfolio.  So the Yellow Label range now consists of single variety wines from Wolf Blass's heartland, South Australia, which have adopted the label colour of their most popular variety, the Cabernet Sauvignon.  Yellow Label wines, which focus on single varieties from South Australian vineyards, are bright, fruit driven and flavoursome, and place more emphasis on structure and varietal expression. Yellow Labels, while still providing a full, soft mouthfeel, incorporate slightly more structure and depth to the palate. Flavours are expressive of the individual variety, making them a highly approachable but slightly more serious wine drinking experience. 

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