Beyond Bordeaux Episode 2: Street Art In Bordeaux

For more than a decade, an abandoned military barrack in the city of Bordeaux served as a canvas and haven for the street artists and alternative youth culture of Bordeaux. In 2009, a community proposal was presented to establish the space as a more formalized initiative to support artists, entrepreneurs and innovators. Today, the Darwin Center houses a co-working space, organic cafe & general store, numerous skateboard parks, roller derby rink, gallery space, artist studios and more, all with a strong emphasis on the environment.

As the epicenter for Bordeaux's forward thinkers and innovators, artists and alternatives, the Darwin Center honors the past, lives for the present and is dedicated to a better future. In this episode, Patrick visits two artists who have been spray painting the walls of Darwin since the beginning, and learns that winemaking and street art may not be so different. 


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