Understanding Loire Valley Vouvray with Noel Pinguet

Ready for a course in Applied Biodynamics from the Rudolph Steiner School? Noel Pinguet of Domaine Huet introduces us to the quasi-mystical philosophy that led him to experiment with a scientific mode of culture—a field where he is a real pioneer.
In the land of Chenin Blanc, through sparkling Vouvray we find the concept of verticality and minerality in wine, learn the meaning of the words ‘Sec’, ‘Demi-Sec’ and ‘Moelleux’ or ‘Sweet’.  
We also hear some strong opinions: « chaptalization is cheating! » « Aging wine is not making wine! » « A Vouvray ‘moelleux’ from raisining is more elegant than botrytised Sauternes! »
Noel Pinget is truly ‘not-be-missed’... the creator of a wine that has made Robert Parker cry ...


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